How can a RPA bot help?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help organizations in their digital transformation with the use of software that has artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. Industries across the board are reaping the benefits of RPA as they layer this technology on top of their IT infrastructure.

RPA has many applications in varying fields.

Human Resources

Human Resources: RPA automates timesheet submission, updating employee information, and employee onboarding and status. Onboarding an employee, for example, requires access to multiple applications such as payroll and benefits which RPA can process easily and efficiently.

Customer Service

Customer Service: Organizations can offer superior customer service by automating the verification of e-signatures and the uploading of scanned documents. Email query processing handled by RPA frees up customer service representatives to work on the more challenging requests while the RPA software responds to common issues that are more easily solved.

Financial Services

Financial Services: Account openings and closings can be automated, audit requests can be managed, and insurance claims can be processed with RPA. For example, insurance premium renewals can be handled by RPA 24 hours a day with no need for manual intervention. Banks can automate credit card applications with RPA software that can verify, process, and complete the application systematically.


Accounting: RPA automates general and operational accounting, and it can also be used for budgeting and transactional reports. Fraudulent account monitoring by RPA can continually check for suspicious activity or irregularities in banking and organizational accounts.


Healthcare: Greater efficiency with membership management, claims administration and overall care management can be achieved with the implementation of RPA. Billing and reporting in health care can also be automated. Patient registration performed by RPA frees up health administrators to work on other tasks while still monitoring the processing of the patient through the healthcare system.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management: RPA can be used for automating order processing and payments, monitoring inventory and production and tracking distribution to the customer. Shipping notifications are easily streamlined with RPA because shipping details can be fetched from provider databases and tracked with GPS making the whole process completely automated.

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